1995 EAIVT was founded

Independent dealers and associations from several European countries joined forces in Brussels to found the first representative association of the free car market in Europe.

2005 New EAIVT is born

In April 2005 Marco Belfanti became President of EAIVT and extended membership in the Association to independent dealers EU-wide. read more.

2006 First huge EAIVT Dealer meeting

After staging minor-scale dealer meetings for several years, EAIVT held its first, large “International Markets Congress” for independent dealers and service providers.

2007 First high level Meeting with the EU commission

Having grown in size and importance, EAIVT intensifies its contacts with the EU-Commission.

2008 invitation to EU motor vehicles working group

EAIVT gets invited to the automotive stakeholder meetings held by DG Enterprise. Along with DG Competition and DG Internal Market, DG Enterprise is the EU department responsible for automotive legislation. read more.

2009 EAIVT reaches more than 1000 free car dealers

EAIVT represents over 100 independent companies directly and reaches over 1000 dealers world-wide through its national association members.

2010 first EAIVT ICF (Integrated Contact Fair) in Copenhagen

Ever-growing demand for EAIVT’s flagship event calls for a change of event style – EAIVT stages the first “Integrated Contact Fair”, offering all participants increased networking possibilities.

2011 EAIVT with new association rules

EAIVT responds to positive membership development – more members make new association rules necessary.

2012 first EAIVT honorary member

“Old treasurer” becomes “new Honorary Member” – after serving the Association for 7 years as treasurer, the General Assembly elects Bruno Pollet EAIVT’s first Honorary Member.

2015 ten years new EAIVT

After ten years of presidency of Marco Belfanti one can say that the association has become the most important institution in the free car trade in Europe.

2018 the EAIVT ICF Fair (Integrated Contact Fair)

In 2018 the EAIVT ICT Fair for the first time attracted more than 300 participants from over 20 nations.

2020 we had to cancel all our meetings

For the first time in the long history of the EAIVT we had to cancel the AGM in Geneva due to the Corona crisis and our main meeting which should have taken place in Athens in June 2020.

2022 we were again able to hold a large meeting

In Athens with 300 participants.