We believe in “Leading the market by connections”

E.A.I.V.T. is a community of interest embracing independent dealers and associations in the car trade sector. Our goal is the strengthening of the market position of our MEMBERS above all through increased co-operation and data exchange…

The promotion of free trade has been and continues to be a milestone of our work and we are known to be committed to our goals. Amongst governments and the industry E.A.I.V.T. is recognized as a multiplier and representative of the independent sector.

What we want

  • Abolition of all trade obstacles in the independent cross-border car trade
  • Abolition of all trade obstacles created by manufacturers in the free car trade
  • Abolition of all obstacles in accessing technical car data
  • Real implementation of the EU demand that there be a COC document with every car
  • Harmonisation of all European car registration processes
  • Harmonized European car registration documents
  • Clear and risk-free VAT handling, eliminating the possibility of fraud

Active association work is based on two elements

  • Promotion of the independent cross-border car trade
  • Organisation of the annual international E.A.I.V.T. Dealer Congress
  • Maintenance of our own Think Tank & Road Show, The “ForumFuture”
  • Large B2B Market for members and partners in the Intranet, showing addresses and details of companies and their contact persons
  • Proprietary, dedicated forum for members and partners in the Intranet
  • NewsLetter Information to all members and partners

Political work

  • Commissions and workshops on a series of relevant issues
  • Support for consumers and dealers in the cross-border car trade scenario
  • Demand for politics that support the abolition of trade obstacles
  • National committees that support the independent sector in various EU countries

E.A.I.V.T. is a self-controlling organisation

Car dealers must have been in business for at least 3 years and provide suitable references to obtain E.A.I.V.T. Membership.