EAIVT Forum Future 2019


This year’s E.A.I.V.T. Forum Future will take place on 27 September in Oslo, Norway.

As every year, we will bring together around 50 E.A.I.V.T. members and interested guests to learn, discuss and exchange opinions.

The first part of the meeting will be a members-only meeting to discuss association matters and the role of E.A.I.V.T. in the independent car sector.

The second part will be open to guests and we will study the development of e-mobility with particular focus on the European picture.

Coming together in Oslo for this event, we will also analyse the Norwegian e-mobility transformation and look in more detail at how economies can accelerate technology changes by incentivizing.

Be prepared for expert presentations and lively discussions on important aspects of our future mobility.

To register your interest in this event, please write to ‘info@eaivt.org’.