‘Market Talk’


On 21 October 2021 EAIVT Members gathered for the first on-line ‘Market Talk’, a meeting that was derived from the popular ForumFuture scheme, but which takes place in an on-line/hybrid format.

With the ‘Market Talk’ EAIVT takes a critical look at the situation of the independent car trade in some of the European core markets.

75 car dealers and service providers from over 20 countries took part in the event, saw presentations on regional/national developments, and heard the differences in perspective from selected members in various markets.

The meeting showed that we are facing the most difficult market in decades and the independent sector is suffering the most from the current crisis as the global chip shortage acts as the ‘spanner in the works’ of the automotive production process. Sadly, there are signs that the problem is going to stay at least well into 2022.

The EAIVT Market Talk addresses issues of our sector and is an example of how dealers can benefit from the membership through shared information, first-hand insight and increased cooperation.

Watch this space for announcements on further ‘Market Talk’ events.