EAIVT forum future 2012


EAIVT organized this meeting for dealers specializing in (mainly) US-imports. The port of Bremerhaven, which sees most of the US-imports entering the EU, and the neighbouring city of Bremen were chosen as a “natural” location for this meeting.

The list of invitees featured – next to many US-car dealers – logistics and homologation experts, who explained the nature of their business to the participants during the workshop on day 1 of the meeting.

Day 2 of the meeting was an all-day excursion to the port of Bremerhaven, where participants were greeted with a presentation by the Bremerhaven Logistics Group.

After that the group went on to see the auto and container terminals. Inside this vast area of the port installations, there is also the PDI+Homologation centre of our member AutoGlobalTrade, who gave the group an overview of the work that they do in Bremerhaven.

The afternoon was spent with a visit to the EHS Homologation Centre, who are located inside the free port from where they serve customers in the EU and beyond. Here the group was shown the practical homologation work involved when overseas cars are made “road-worthy” according to EU regulations.

The day ended with a group dinner at the “Seute Deern” (a 1919-built 4-mast gaff schooner).